Art Papel Group

In year 2000, Art Papel Group appears on the Romanian market of packaging, as first Romanian manufacturer, bringing with his products the western quality in Romania, sustained by the 30 years of experience gained by the Spanish concern Graficas Salaet. Art Papel Group is the Romanian manufacturerof paper and cardboard packaging for bakeries and confectioneries, having the most wide range of products.
Art Papel Group has developed strongly, establishing on the Romanian market with the quality and diversity of products, the price and quality being decisive.The Romanian company’s products are popular among clients ; the portfolio of Art Papel Group containing the most famous bakery and confectionerymanufacturers in the country. Since 2004, Art Papel Group it’s exporting its products in Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria and the Republic of Modova, competing
as equals with the largest European manufacturers.
The modern and aggressive management of the company leaded to a strong development, having as goal the coverage of a large percentage of the packaging market for bakeries and pastry and beyond. Considering the importance of customer as it should, Art Papel Group is well known both at homeand abroad, becoming an important name in the production of paper and cardboard packaging for bakeries and confectioneries.
We have 7000 square meters of production halls and warehouses that guarantees the customer a fast and efficient service. Nowadays we are improving and investing to add continuosly new products in agreement to market requirements in order to increase our efficiency and maintain our quality.
Art Papel Group brings on the Romanian market of packaging new ideas and new mentalities, promoting high quality products and educating the client - if needed - in the spirit of EU rules on packaging issues. The fact that we provide quality products according to the approved health norms is increasing the safety of the bakeries and pastry client and leads to the adoption by the baker of new ideas regarding the packaging and its importance for the selling of their products.